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Miindset is the first mental health platform to deliver information tailored to how people are feeling that day, in an instant.

Clinically Backed AI. Individually Tailored Content. Available 24/7.

Get Personalised Mental Health Support Today.

Specifically designed to help you as an individual based on how you are feeling, Miindset is here for you whenever you are in need.

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Benefits for students.

Miindset Wellness Checker
Tailor your Daily Digest by completing our 30 second Wellness Checker. Complete any time you feel you need to.

Curated content
Content is specifically curated for you, including specific content for students whether you are in the UK or USA. Your Daily Digest updates based on how you are feeling in that moment and based on what we know about you and what helps you. Miindset dynamically adapts to you and how you interact with us and helps provide information and techniques to improve your wellbeing and build resilience.

Explore 17 channels of wellbeing content, each one continually updated to provide the most relevant and up to date information.

Your Daily Digest
Your home page feed is individually curated, every day and every time your resilience score updates using advanced AI and our very human mental health trained professionals.

Additional tools to help
Miindset has a suite of additional tools to help you through your day and along your mental wellbeing journey.

Miindset Tools

Some of the additional tools available to you include:

  • Mood + Emotions Tracking
  • Habit Tracking
  • Journaling (Diary, Gratitude Journal, I Am Great Journal, Quick 5 Minute Journal)
  • Wellbeing assessment
  • Breathing Exercises
  • Insights
  • Coping Strategies
  • Grounding Guidance
  • Helplines (Including 24/7 SMS Support with Mental Health Counsellors)
  • Critical help signposting

Our algorithm curates all health content and then matches it to how you are feeling right now.

The AI adapts and learns about the individual over time and becomes very personal to you. Learning from your wellbeing check-ins, how you watch, listen to and read your content to the tools that are helping you and your overall RESILIENCE


Get Personalised Mental Health Support Today.