Mental Health Support for Students

Miindset is the first mental health platform to deliver information tailored to how people are feeling that day, in an instant.


Miindset's cutting-edge AI platform is for students who seek to improve their mental wellbeing.

Unlike other mental health platforms, Miindset delivers IMMEDIATE solutions such as articles, videos, and podcasts, based on how an individual feels, so there is no need to wait days to improve mental wellbeing, see a counsellor or watch an online training program.

You truly can change your mind in an instant!

Miindset is available anytime, anywhere, across multiple devices.

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The Instant Wellness Hub

The Miindset hub is split into 4 categories to match how students like to engage. Whether a student prefers to consume content or attend a weekly meetup, the Miindset hub and its partners cater for all needs from within one App.

  • Mood tracking
  • Mindfulness & Yoga
  • Exercise Programs
  • Exercise tracking
  • Wellbeing assessment
  • Tailored Content (videos, articles, podcasts)
  • Financial E-learning courses
  • Helplines
  • Benefits for the student

    Miindset Questionnaire

    The student fills out the Miindset Questionnaire which is anonymous, quick and simple.

    Curated Content

    Content is specifically curated to help provide information and techniques to improve their wellbeing.


    Explore 16 channels with each one customised to provide the most relevant support for the employee.

    Tailored Article Feed

    The employee feed is individually curated using advanced AI, based on the current mental wellbeing of the student.

    Additional tools to help

    From exercise programs to financial wellbeing and coaches.

    16 Channels of Curated Content

    Explore 16 channels of customised content to provide the most relevant support for the employee. Not just mental health content, we cover all aspects of wellbeing.

    Mental health


    Physical health


    Family & Relationships

    Science & Technology