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The world's first comprehensive app that helps improve your mental wellbeing.

With a suite of AI Powered services available 24/7, Miindset is the first mental health platform to deliver information tailored to how people are feeling that instant, in an instant.

Miindset’s cutting edge AI platform is designed for companies who want to help improve the mental wellbeing of their employees, immediately comply with the Health and Safety at Work Act and reduce mental health-related absenteeism.

We provide information for people who are suffering RIGHT NOW. We give them the information they need in an INSTANT. They can read, listen or watch relevant content to help them feel better. The information is online instantly to help them with their challenges.

Miindset is available anytime, anywhere, across multiple devices.

Miindset curates helpful information IMMEDIATELY such as articles, videos and podcasts based on how you feel. There is no need to wait days to improve your mental wellbeing, see a doctor or watch an online training program. Simply complete the Miindset Wellness Checker and results will be curated to your specific needs.

  • Read, watch, listen - whatever your preference
  • Instant results from our anonymised Miindset Wellness Checker
  • Personal content to boost your mood
  • Curated content with information and techniques to start improving wellbeing, fast
  • Relevant and topical podcasts
  • 17 channels of customised content
  • 24/7 counselling services via SMS and one-2-one in-person sessions

Our algorithm curates all health content and then matches it to you.

The AI adapts and learns about the individual over time and becomes personal to them. 95% of the current activity is to aggregate 1000's of articles, videos and podcasts into ONE DESTINATION for people to access.

17 channels of curated content

Explore 17 channels of customised content to provide the most relevant support for the employee. Not just mental health content, we cover all aspects of wellbeing.